Stranger in a Strange Land

One day, YOU will be in a world that you can no longer pretend to understand. Everything you once knew will either be gone or only bear a resemblance, and that resemblance will be like an echo that decays in value with each return. All of the changes, gradual or sudden, will finally result in a world that resembles familiarity only because it crept upon you, and so you didn’t notice. Little by little, and here and there sudden changes, until finally the entire process will be complete and nothing will be the same. Only then will this world finally show itself for what it really is:


What’s more, YOU will have changed. Finally, you are no longer yourself. Some ghost of an idea wriggles in your mind, the residue of an inner-synthesis you once possessed. Illusory or not; a transition from naïvety to reality, or perhaps the loss of something vital. Either way, Its absence will be felt and won’t be ignored. Like the loss of a loved one, the dearest thing of all, with no possibility of going back.

You and the world are one and the same. Congratulations, you are an adult; a stranger living in a strange land. That’s what they didn’t tell you in school.

Sorry kids.

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