Moving Pictures

Towards a further explanation, the following is an elucidation of preceding articles, namely Information, Mediation, and Hierarchy, Magic Mirror, and Palingenesis.  Some familiarity of these is presumed. Since space is a material substance and reducible to a condition without parts, and as it is the media by which information is translated into objective form, with the formal principles displaying themselves through space having a non-spatial precedence, the nature of perception and natural processes alike may be compared to a motion cinema: The relation of the forms is afforded through the intervention of space,  which relates them to one another; and as these forms do not depend upon space for their subsistence, their display is a projection upon space.

Since space is defined, or at least apparently defined, by the formal properties that act upon it, this action is – redundantly – an activity. Activity implies kinetic motion; the action of the various forms produces a result, and this result is not just their display and relation, but suggests via the motion a dynamic expression. If the activity of the forms upon space is the cause of their expression as a dynamic interaction, then the preceding condition prior to their excitation of the ether must be one of more static relation. Just as the pictures in a cinema reel are fixed in sequence, and only given the appearance of motion through a process of  rotating their sequence and projecting it upon a surface, in the same manner the activity of the forms upon space produces a perturbation, resulting in an interference of space’s inherent inertia. The activity must have a pressure component to cause the seamless fabric of space to release energy, and since sufficient pressure for any force to convert matter into energy needs to be distributed among few points of contact, the initial activity must be compression. This results in tears, and the energy that escapes ripples through the  fabric of the continuum. This release is outgoing, or expansive.

Even if only one point of concentrated force is involved – like a needle to a balloon – the consequence is a copious range of various frequencies of release. The pressure applied to space curves and warps it, and when the escape velocity is reached, the snap-back involves various frequencies that bounce off each other through the  space,  producing interference patterns. The interference patterns may be coherent or incoherent, which is a matter for a different article. The inertia of space is infinite, as it is only limited by the parameters of the logical forms, and the logical forms are necessarily limited, for it is in this way that they contract space. Therefore the appearance and display is a temporary expression, as bubbles precariously suspended in a cosmic ocean. Eventually, space reverts to its primordial inertia, the logic of its nature demands it. Any existence, such as our own, that is characterized by this state of affairs is fated to appear and disappear, although the  forces that produce this action upon space are themselves exempted.

Since this escape of the inertia of space produces a dynamic result of interference patterns,  the visible appearance of this world is therefore the result of ‘laws’, ‘limits’, ‘forms’, acting upon the shoreless sea of space. These forms ‘precede’ the space, although this is a coarse and technically inaccurate way of putting it. Preceding implies time, the situation is rather one of hierarchical interaction. They are not in space. Consequently, our perception of objective phenomena is the result of them acting upon space; this action produces an escape of potential. This escape is kinetic and dynamic.  When taken into account both psychologically and physically, the true nature of experience is an intuition of these forms as a sequence of patterns in apparent motion, whereas they are in no way moving at all, but producing motion.  Neither do they have form, but produce form. Do you get it? Well, do ya???

As a final point for your consideration dear reader, while we may speak of ‘forces, ‘forms’, and the like in the plural term, there is really only one force. Explanation may be wanting, and will not presently be given. You may use your own ingenium, no interest is present in the author to coddle to the nascent.  Space has already been established as  uniform,  the resulting consequence of these two principles interacting with one another is all the possible combinations of these two as an expression in a ratio. In the final solution, all of this is the activity of one mysterious thing.  Each pattern is a representation of one thing acting upon itself to embody itself by interfering with itself. In sum, it is all one thing expressed by how it relates to itself as an active and passive process of interaction. This is the threefold explicate operation of information as Principle, Process, and Product.




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