Harvest Moon

I knew I could apparently separate from my sleeping body when in this liminal state, having done so before, and I was also aware of connotations of shapeshifting being the result of altering and projecting one's  'double' or 'subtle body' in the trance state. Of course, I didn't know if these interpretations of shapeshifting were anything more than educated guesswork, but I figured I might as well make the attempt, seeing as I was in a specially endowed position for the experiment. So I decided I would change into a WEREWOLF.

Imagination, Objectification, and Forbidden Knowledge

"He dwells in us, not in the nether world, not in the starry heavens. The spirit living within us fashions all this."  - Agrippa von Nettesheim   What is imagination? The common answer is that imagination is the ability to mentally reproduce visual images, sometimes other sensations like a sound or feeling,  without external stimulus. As … Continue reading Imagination, Objectification, and Forbidden Knowledge