Ceteris Paribus

The scientist is the modern-day priest speaking technical gibberish, enshrouded in cinematic smoke and mirrors, baffling you with bullshit and throwing dust in your eyes so that you don’t see the emperor wears no clothes. All of our gadgets are crutches, and with respect to knowledge, we are cripples. We may know more and more, but about less and less.

Paradigm Shift

What the advent of the printing press enabled for the upset of European society during the protestant reformation, the internet is affording for us today. We have not even seen the furthest culmination of this modern equivalent to the exponential increase in available (mis)information, but there is enough to detect the pattern that will determine future outcomes. … Continue reading Paradigm Shift

Moving Pictures

Towards a further explanation, the following is an elucidation of preceding articles, namely Information, Mediation, and Hierarchy, Magic Mirror, and Palingenesis.  Some familiarity of these is presumed. Since space is a material substance and reducible to a condition without parts, and as it is the media by which information is translated into objective form, with the formal principles displaying themselves through space … Continue reading Moving Pictures

Information, Mediation, and Hierarchy

There is a basic pattern underlying and governing the formation of bodies. This pattern is the expression of an abstract principle, the substance of this principle is information, deposited into objects.  On the highest plane it is all the explication of one mysterious thing.  It has a three-fold operation of Principle, Process, Product; Positive, Neutral, … Continue reading Information, Mediation, and Hierarchy