Paradigm Shift

What the advent of the printing press enabled for the upset of European society during the protestant reformation, the internet is affording for us today. We have not even seen the furthest culmination of this modern equivalent to the exponential increase in available (mis)information, but there is enough to detect the pattern that will determine future outcomes. … Continue reading Paradigm Shift

Moving Pictures

Towards a further explanation, the following is an elucidation of preceding articles, namely Information, Mediation, and Hierarchy, Magic Mirror, and Palingenesis.  Some familiarity of these is presumed. Since space is a material substance and reducible to a condition without parts, and as it is the media by which information is translated into objective form, with the formal principles displaying themselves through space … Continue reading Moving Pictures

The Secret Fire: Tolkien, Boehme, and the Golden Chain of Wisdom

In Tolkien’s creation myth, Ainulindalë , Eru Ilúvatar - the All-Father - first calls forth the Ainur - great beings, offspring of his thought, each being a specific idea or aspect of his spirit. Ilúvatar propounds to them a musical theme, and each gradually express their part as a harmony, comprehending themselves as part of … Continue reading The Secret Fire: Tolkien, Boehme, and the Golden Chain of Wisdom