There and Back Again

The connection between this world and the other-world is obviously wound up in the relationship between dream, perception, and reality. The substance of the spiritual is wound up in the question of the mind apart from the physical world, which is unmistakably proven by the adequate characterization of hell as a living nightmare and heaven as a dream come true.

Now THAT!…was unexpected.

"If a priest, O priests, should frame a wish, as follows: 'Let me exercise the various magical powers,--let me being one become multiform, let me being multiform become one, let me become visible, become invisible, go without hindrance through walls, ramparts, or mountains, as if through air, let me rise and sink in the ground as if in the water, let me walk on the water as if on unyielding ground, let me travel cross-legged through the air like a winged bird, let me touch and feel with my hand the moon and the sun, mighty and powerful though they are, and let me go with my body even up to the Brahma-world,' -- then must he be perfect in the precepts, bring his thoughts to a state of quiescence, practise diligently the trances, attain to insight, and be a frequenter of lonely places."

Clouds Without Water

I became aware, more vividly aware than I had ever been, that the secret of life consists in sharing the madness of God. By sharing the madness of God I mean the power of rousing a peculiar exultation in yourself as you confront the Inanimate, an exultation which is really a cosmic eroticism, however much the Prince of this World may deride it, for it means the finding of “the eternal feminine” in Matter itself.

Harvest Moon

I knew I could apparently separate from my sleeping body when in this liminal state, having done so before, and I was also aware of connotations of shapeshifting being the result of altering and projecting one's  'double' or 'subtle body' in the trance state. Of course, I didn't know if these interpretations of shapeshifting were anything more than educated guesswork, but I figured I might as well make the attempt, seeing as I was in a specially endowed position for the experiment. So I decided I would change into a WEREWOLF.