Information, Mediation, and Hierarchy

There is a basic pattern underlying and governing the formation of bodies. This pattern is the expression of an abstract principle, the substance of this principle is information, deposited into objects.  On the highest plane it is all the explication of one mysterious thing.  It has a three-fold operation of Principle, Process, Product; Positive, Neutral, Negative; Action, Reaction, Interaction.   The positive principle is an activity upon a substrate. We can use analogies and the like to make it easier to grasp, like a person, and say this person represents the agent. The patient is a substrate, let’s say something like a block of stone. A stone is composite, which is important to point out, but for now we’ll work with it. Suppose this person were to act upon this stone to produce an object, say a statue. In order to do so, this person needs instruments – themselves substrates informed – to convey his or her idea and define the stone.

The person and the instruments are the principle – the instruments are extensions of the person’s ability to inform; the process of information is the instruments acting upon the stone, and the product is the statue. The positive is the person, who represents something or someone definite. The neutral is something indefinite, and susceptible to definition. The stone has no will of it’s own, it isn’t inclined one way or the other – although it does offer resistance and in this way is not neutral, since it is already informed, but subject to more information. The negative is the statue; it is by cutting away at the stone that the statue is revealed. The definite principle acts upon something relatively without definition and produces definition by limits. To limit is to negate, to take away, to cut and to define.  The product is the result of a formal principle defining, and therefore negating, something indefinite. It – the product – is defined by negation.

Similarly, we have a hierarchy of media enveloping objects. We have the earth enveloped by water, ocean enveloped by atmosphere, the atmosphere enveloped by cosmic fields, and fields enveloped by space. The dense is enveloped by the subtle; the terrain by water, the water by atmosphere, the atmosphere by cosmic fields, fields by space.  The atmosphere is in the ocean, but is not the ocean; the ocean is in the porous terrain, but is not the terrain; the fields pervade the atmosphere, but are not the atmosphere; space envelopes all of these, but is not identical to them. The elements comprising the ocean are in the atmosphere in a predominantly gaseous state; the elements in the atmospheric media are in the water in a predominantly liquid state, the elements in the water are in the terrain in a predominantly solid state. All of these elements are produced by stars and propagated through electromagnetic fields, and the stars are produced by gravitational fields that contract space.

The big question is: what is space? What is space without stars, stellar particles, cosmic dust, asteroids, planets? These are all denser in comparison, and the hierarchy of media -if it obtains – therefore implies that space is something distinct from these objects. What is Pure Space? Is it Vacuum? No. There is no such thing as empty space. There is no such thing as nothing. It is totally impossible. So what IS space, buddy? Hmm? If it isn’t empty, and can’t be, WHAT IS IT?????

Is there more than one space? We can plot space into cartesian coordinates; does that mean there are spaces? My house is in a different location in space and has a membrane of walls and a roof and all of that. Does that mean space is divided? No. Do you think your house isn’t in the atmosphere? Do you think the atmosphere can’t get through your not-so-hermetically-sealed house? Don’t be a dumbass. There is only one space and it is continuous. ONE SPACE, ONLY ONE, NOT EMPTY, AND IT’S EVERYWHERE. What is it, buddy? Hmm? Riddle me that.

You want to know? Well I’m going to tell you something else. You have a body, and you have a mind. Your body sees physical things, your mind sees intelligible things. Your mind is not visible to your body, but your body is visible to your mind. But there’s another part of you. You are also the explication of a threefold operation of Principle, Process, Product; Spirit, Soul, and Body. Your Spirit is invisible, your mind is visible to your spirit, your body is visible to both. Your body is the product of a formal principle – I – acting upon matter and informing it. Information is INFORMAL- that is to say, it is INVISIBLE. Yes, it is mediated into form, but don’t mistake the messenger for the message. The same message can be told in different media; I can say ‘hi’ with my voice, or write it down. Therefore message and media are not identical (moreover, the media can transform the message in different ways depending on the nature of said media). That which informs, is independent of  what it informs and what is informed.

There are two sides to reality, visible and invisible. Just like society, it has a formal and an informal way of operating – an official and an unofficial, a public and a private. The formal is visible to the public; it’s the official answer to all of your questions. But there are things going on behind the curtain. You think you know what that is? You think the scientists know? Neil Degrasse Tyson? Sam Harris? Steven Pinker? You think your preachers know? Billy Graham? Joel Osteen? Benny Hinn? Our world leaders? Putin? Trump? Trudeau? Some of these know more than others, but it’s all left-overs for you. They’re giving you scraps, sucker. They don’t have to know much; just more than you. In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.

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